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Judge Roger C. Plichta

GOOD coaches are hard to find, but GREAT coaches are ever more impossible to locate.

Now comes Coach James Heppner.  He is not only GOOD, he is GREAT!

James is an international life coach possessing unique qualities of knowledge, dedication and limitless motivation.

His winning combinations create unbelievable results.  

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Jerimiah Web

It’s been nearly a year since I met James Heppner. So much has happened since then. I had no idea that during the next year I would go through the deepest and most difficult trails that I ever thought possible. It was during these trials that Coach Heppner’s strength and skill as a results coach shone most bright. At first he coached me through the trials, then coached me as the trials came, then coached me just before they had even arrived. His skill was getting ahead of the challenges so that we were always ready for whatever comes. ”Come what may, and love it,” became the new mantra. Although my business is built around my ability to coach and train others, James has consistently been able to coach and train me to a higher level. I have has some incredible mentors and leaders, and can say with massive passion that James has contributed as much as anyone – and possibly more – as a coach and peer. I highly favor James Heppner as a coach and recommend him to any driven person who is hungry to grow and succeed no matter what. Despite your unique challenge or circumstance – even if you feel like no one else get it – James will guide you through it.

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Colleen Rempel

Before working with Coach James, I was feeling overwhelmed, anxious and not myself. I was having trouble clarifying some of my future goals and choosing what to prioritize in my life to make it more fulfilling. I had also been through some painful breakups and was really questioning if I wanted to date again soon or take a break from romantic relationships altogether. I was intrigued by a post he wrote about pain in our lives and decided to sign up for one of his free online sessions. During that session, I received several very practical tips that helped me immediately! I could also sense the genuine compassion and desire he had to help people reach their full potential. He truly coaches from the heart and uses extremely effective tools to help people get results fast. At that point, I knew I wanted to work with him as my personal coach.

My initial one on one session with Coach James blew me away! He went the extra mile to make sure we were addressing my most pressing concerns and working through them immediately. He wanted to make sure I was getting the results I was looking for. After our session, I was finally feeling like my happy, sensitive, authentic self again! Words can’t fully express how grateful I am for his support. Since our initial session, we have worked through aligning my life with my true core values and I have found myself truly enjoying this beautiful “journey” called life while having fun, developing fulfilling relationships, and reaching my personal goals with ease. I would highly recommend Coach James to anyone who is feeling stuck in an area of their life and is ready to make changes to live their best, most fulfilling life possible!

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Damon Ficklin

Working with James has been a pleasure and a privilege.  I had never used a personal coach before and did not know what to expect, but having worked with James for more than a year now, I can honestly say that I look forward to our coaching sessions.  While I have a busy life, I always put maximum effort into our calls.  I play full out because James plays full out too.  He does everything that he can to help bring insights to the surface and he has helped me to make many important distinctions.  I think James has a talent for helping people really feel and internalize things.  I know that it is work to bring the level of energy, feeling and insight that he brings to our coaching sessions, but he makes it feel easy.  He gives freely and is genuinely committed to my growth.  I really appreciate James’s depth and his authenticity.

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Samia Taqi

James is a well-renowned coach that is  extremely passionate about his work and the people with whom he interacts. What struck me the most is his patience, compassion and intuitiveness when it comes to handling sensitive subject matter. In a single session I was able to have a powerful breakthrough regarding a family member with whom I had long-standing resentment. James was able to interpret how I was feeling, show me the truth of the situation and how I was feeling about it. In that moment I was able to release and reverse my resentment and come to a place of forgiveness. He truly cares about the welfare of others. 

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Jordan Harrision

Prior to working with James my life was hectic and I felt unbalanced.  I was feeling the need for some organization and direction in my life.  

I booked my first session with James because i felt that James had a good perspective on life.  He simply has a ‘centred’ approach to life.  His mantra is to make time for what important and what make time for what truely matters.  He eliminates ‘the waste’, bad attitudes, harmful thought patterns.   He promotes healing, freedom, growth and purpose.  

While in our sessions and thereafter, i am able to ‘correct course’ and repair things that need healing.  He calls me out on things and shows a clear path to positive growth and improvement. Im really enjoying the sessions as they are both challenging and insightful.  I’ve benefited from his session in that i’m now more aware and therefor able to identify with the challenges in my life that i didn’t know existed.  This has led me to a place where i can start addressing and strengthening this issues.  I’ve felt tremendous forward movement and growth through aligning with personal one on one coaching with James’s. I will continue to recommend him as i already have to those i care about. 

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