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Bio & Background

After 20 years as an investor and entrepreneur I’ve learned a thing or two about success.

At 24 I began to convert my creative thoughts into direct and focused energy. I obtained success and began to wonder what was next.Strange thing is I felt empty! How could it be?

I was living from a place where I believed there was a limit to what I was able to handle - a limit to what I was able to give. I felt stuck in meaningless suffering.

Was true success only available to a few? How could I experience the peace and fulfilment that I perceived others were experiencing. The answer lay within my question… Success with Fullfilment is what I was truely after. You see success without fulfilment is the ultimate failure!

It was than that I heard a set of words that changed the game for good… ‘what if your greatest pain is actually your greatest gift” I became aware of untruths active in my life, and quickly replaced it with what is true. Truth be told WE HAVE UNLIMITED POTENTIAL . Potential that lies deep within that is simply waiting to be untapped.

I became deeply curious & grateful regardless of the circumstance. I began to unfold and enter a world of abundance. Where I once chased what I wanted, it now simply arrived. I decided to really love people and use things because the opposite never works. I embraced relationships and sought out the good in all people. The more I focused on these things the more fulfilled I became. I began to experience consistant Joy and peace within my life. By running toward threshold moments instead of running away from them, I realized that these moments were my instant invitation for expanded capacity. Expansion is progress and progress is life.

I now wake up each morning knowing & believing that there is always more to give. I wake knowing that I have lack of nothing and access to everything. I wake in a state of gratitude and resourcefulness This new life has created an insatiable craving to partner with others, guiding them to unleash their untapped potential. To light up, engage & experience what is truly possible for them

I find myself drawn to people that are hungry and curious - people that are active in their own rescue - people that ask the question, how can I live the best version of my life?

This version of you is waiting…together we’ll unlock it!

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James Specializes In The Following

  • Unleash & unlock your untapped potential
  • Success to fulfilment
  • Prepare for challenges with ease and confidence
  • Moving beyond perceived limitations
  • Fulfilling your purpose & passion
  • Clarify your vision, achieve your goals